Ready Player One

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Ready Player One
he year is 2044.
The player is Wade Watts – a teenager living in The Stacks.
The game is to find the ultimate easter egg hidden in the OASIS.
The prize is to inherit the riches of the man who created the OASIS – and control of his corporation.
The catch is Wade has found one of the coveted keys that could lead to the prize. But he’s not the only one who wants it.  Will Wade succeed – or will he be destroyed by his opponents.

Game on!

Ernest Cline
Ernest Cline is a novelist, screenwriter, husband, father, and full-time geek. Ernie is married to fellow bestselling author and poet Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. They live in Austin, Texas.

In this 2011 interview aired on Austin’s KXAN , Cline describes his inspiration for writing Ready Player One, his writing process, and how he was able to buy a DeLorean after it’s release.

Quote from the book

Going outside is highly overrated


  • Is Cline’s vision of the future believable?  Discuss whether or not people in the future will live in the real world or mostly in a virtual one.
  • The characters in the book use avatars – alter egos that exist only in the world of the OASIS. Discuss the relationship between these alter egos and the real people who created them.  What benefits do the avatars give them?  What disadvantages?
  • Discuss the meaning of Wade’s OASIS pass phrase: “No one in the world ever gets what they want and that is beautiful.

More discussion questions are available from Penguin Random House, from the Hey Lets Make Stuff blog and from the Galesburg Public Library.


Ready Player One has been adapted into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Fandom Wiki entry on Ready Player One has a great list of all the pop culture reference mentioned in the novel. Which ones did your group members enjoy the most?  From this list there are a ton of ideas for decorations, music, and clothing that your group members could bring to make your meeting more festive.

Be sure to cue up the official Ready Player One Soundtrack Mix Tape

The Hey Let’s Make Stuff blog has a post on Ready Player One with great suggestions for a book group meeting.  From making acid washed jeans to a puppy chow recipe inspired the use of Captain Crunch during a pivotal scene in the book.  What fun!

The Delicious Reads blog did a couple of posts on Ready Player One as well – they got so excited they did a part one and part two on all the fun things they did at their book club meeting.  I love all the people decked out in eighties relate t-shirts!  My favorite thing from these posts are the key shaped and Pac Man shaped cookies that they served – too cute!


So did you totally geek out to the themes of Ready Player One, or did it leave you wondering “where’s the beef?”  Share your opinions with our other book groups by leaving a comment on this post.