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The Night Circus
Welcome to Le Cirque des Reves. Within its enchanted, black-and-white tents a dizzying world of fantasy awaits. In the center ring are two illusionists, whose mysterious mentors have pitted them against each other in a dangerous game of magical power.

Erin Morgenstern

Erin grew up in Massachusetts and studied theatre and studio art at Smith College. According to her website, she currently lives with her husband in Manhattan where she is working on a new novel and trying to improve her cocktail mixing skills.

Hear Erin talk about her writing process for The Night Circus in this video interview posted by the Doubleday Book Club:

Quote from the book

Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in stone, remember that.


Topics the book will bring up for discussion include:

  • The allusions to Shakespeare’s plays throughout the book – Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, and others.  How does each play tie into the novel?
  • Both Cecilia and Marco have unconventional childhoods and parental figures.  How does the way they were raised affect them?
  • How do the group members imagine that the circus will fare as time goes on? Does it transcend time?

More discussion questions are available from Penguin Random House.


There are a lot of online guides to guide your book club in creating your own magical meeting space:

The guide from Buttery Books includes a playlist that Erin Morgenstern created for the Night Circus.  It’s ethereal sounds will create the perfect backdrop for your gathering!  The guide has decoration and recipes as well.

The Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls blog has a wealth of food suggestions, I like the way they served caramel popcorn in black and white striped bags.

Books a True story has a great post with Night Circus meeting ideas as well.  I learned that there are scented candles you can buy that are inspired by The Night Circus.  If you can’t buy the one that is mentioned in the blog (It’s only available seasonally) try Etsy – there are lots of similar candles available.


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