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Lost and Found
Thrown together in a televised contest, seven unlikely couples–including two flight attendants, born-again Christians, and two former child stars–participate in a reality show in which they scour the globe in search of love and treasure.

Carolyn Parkhurst
The author lives in Washington, D. C., with her husband and their two children.

In this interview with blogcritics, she spills the beans on how she wrote Lost and Found–including whether or not she spent all her “research” time watching reality TV shows, and which character is most like her.  “each of my characters reflects something about me”.

Take a look at her silly side in this video:

Quote from the book
All I wanted for the rest of my life was to keep making her laugh like that.


 Lost and Found moves between the points of view of several different characters.
Which of the characters’ backstories were most compelling to you?
Which characters did you root for?
Were there any characters you didn’t want to win?

More discussion questions can be found here.


If your really adventurous, your group could try to collect some of the items the Lost and Found contestants had to gather to have as props for your meeting.

A ski pole
A bishop from a crystal chess set
A sheet of rice paper
A trilobite fossil
An aviators helmet
A parrot
A flask of sacred/healing water
Six sequins
Photos from the Stockholm Tunnelbana subway
Fake sushi
Christening gown

For food, I’d suggest some Japanese cuisine, in honor of the stint the teams did in Japan where the contestants had to find replicas of a futomaki, tako and other types of sushi.  I suggest perusing the menu of a local restaurant like Kyoto , Kiku, or Yuki for more ideas.


If you could create your own Reality TV show, what would it be?  What would you name it?  How would you keep audiences coming back for more?
Would you ever consider being on a Reality TV show?  If so, which one and why?
Answer in the comments below.