How to Use

You can reserve Book Group in a Bag kits up to one year in advance. During your reservation’s six week range, you may pick up and return your Book Group in a Bag kit at  the library. The loan period is for 6 weeks, to allow group leaders to distribute the books on a monthly group schedule and collect at the next meeting. Book kits must be returned by the due date so they can be provided to the next book group.

Access the Online Reservation System
To reserve a title, use the Online Reservation System.

To create your patron account on the Online Reservation System, use your library barcode (the 14 digit number on the back of your library card) and your Library PIN (the last 4 digits of your telephone number). Enter your name and phone number, and provide an email address if you use email regularly.

Your Library PIN should be the last 4 digits of your telephone number. If you recently were issued a new or replacement library card and cannot login, email with your updated information so your account can be updated.

If you need help remembering or resetting your PIN, email and your PIN will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Reserve a title
Check title availability by clicking on each book in the Online Reservation System. To create a reservation on a title, choose a book title. Available dates are displayed in green. Click on the start date for your reservation. Optional: provide your Group Name and any Authorized Users who may also pick up your kit. Click to Save your reservation and the screen will refresh, displaying your reservation date on that title. To place another reservation, click Home to continue browsing titles.

Authorized Users
To designate another person to pick up your Book Group in a Bag title on your behalf, list their name(s) under Authorized Users on each reservation. Book Group in a Bag titles will be checked out on the library card of the person placing the reservation. Authorized Users are not available for same day pickup.

 Same Day Reservation and Pick Up
Titles labeled Available Now are available for immediate pickup. For same day reservations, the person placing the reservation must pick up the kit in person. Ask a Library staff member for help if you are planning to pick up today, or have placed your request over the weekend.

Making Changes
When you edit a reservation, you can add Authorized Users. To change the start date of a reservation, you should cancel your first reservation and place a new reservation with the new start date.

Picking up your kit
You may begin your reservation on any date and pick up your kit from the Media room at any time the library is open. If you would like to designate one or more people to pick up your kit for you, please add their names as Authorized Users on each reservation. Reminder phone calls or e-mails are provided as a courtesy when kits become available.

Making your reservation

With reservations accepted up to one year in advance, and a 6 week checkout period for the Book Group in a Bag kit, and your book discussions meeting weekly or monthly or irregularly, scheduling your book group titles can get complicated. Here are some tips to help you plan ahead and choose dates and titles.

Planning for when your group meets

Here is an example. If your book group meets on the second Wednesday of every month, write out your upcoming meeting dates.
January 13, 2010
February 10, 2010
March 10, 2010
April 14, 2010
May 12, 2010
June 9, 2010

Choosing your six week reservation period
Let’s say you want to discuss Pride and Prejudice at your February 10th book discussion. Your friends will want to read Pride and Prejudice in the month before the February 10th discussion, so you need to hand out the books at your January 13th meeting. You can pick up your Book Group in a Bag kit at the Library in the week before your discussion. Use the calendar to figure out what date range would work well for your schedule. For example, to pick up the kit over the weekend before your group, start your reservation on January 8th. A 6 week reservation will last until February 19th, and you can return the book kit after your group meets to discuss the title.

Requesting certain books for certain dates
Use the online reservation system to choose available titles for your group. The calendar under each book title shows the available reservation start dates. Your book group may have specific titles they want to discuss at certain meetings, or you may just have a list of titles you would like to do at any time in the future. If you plan ahead, the availability of titles is increased.

Checking your dates
So, for this reservation, you can pick up your Book Group in a Bag at the library on or after January 8th and give it out to your friends at your January 13th meeting. At your February 10th meeting, you can all discuss the book and turn in the copies. The kit is due back at the library on or before February 19th so that it can be ready for the next customer’s reservation.

Still confusing?
Although the Online Reservation System is designed to be self-service for our customers, staff is able to help customers place reservations over the telephone or in person at the Reference Desk. You will need to use your library barcode and PIN. The most important information that you need to know is the dates your group meets and the titles that you are interested in reading.

To speak to a librarian about Book Group in a Bag or to get help placing your reservation, call the Library at 580-4400.