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Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons: Five suburban Minnesota housewives.  One power outage that leads to a snowball fight–and a new group of female friends.  They decide to form the Freesia Court Book Club and over the next 30 years they share more than books–they share their lives.

Lorna Landvik: Landvik lives in Minnesota where she works as an comedian, actor, and playwright  as well as a writer.  As she says on her web page “Writing is my first love, but acting definitely is my alluring mistress. While I enjoy a meaty, dramatic role, to me there’s nothing more satisfying than making a roomful of people snort beer up their noses as they laugh.”  See Lorna and and a host of other characters describe her books in this video:

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You really can order the DVD that she mentions in the video, here is where you can order it:

Quote from the book:

What I had come to love about book club (besides the fabulous desserts and free liquor) was how in hearing so many opinions about the same book, your own opinion expanded, as if you’d read the book several times instead of just once.


Topics this book will bring up for discussion include:

  • The way that face to face group meetings differ from online social networking.  Is one better than the other?
  • The way that harboring secrets affects someone–group members can compare the different characters in the book that have secrets and discuss what keeping those secrets does to them.
  • The book is full of jokes, embarrassing moments, and quirky nicknames.  The group can discuss how humor plays a role in forming friendships and communities.

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Your group could enjoy eating some bon bons at your meeting of course, here are some peppermint-bonbonsrecipes and other meeting ideas from other book groups:

Here is a blog post about the decadent meal and creative decorations that one book group came up with.  Another book group opted for a (somewhat) healthier route and served chocolate covered strawberries.

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Have you our your group read Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons?  Would you recommend it to other book groups?  Post your thoughts in the comments section.